Jeremy Stewart Interview- Creature animation

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An in-depth look at how to approach creature animation – with Jeremy Stewart

Jeremy discusses his approach to animating believable creatures. Using crocodiles as an example, Jeremy and I visit the Greater Vancouver Zoo and examine the caimans. Jeremy’s crocodile work in Annihilation can be found in the link below.

For copyright reasons, examples have been supplied as links instead of embedded video.

1. Annihilation: Annihilation – start at 2:08

2. Crocodilian Research:
– Anatomy and Evolution: Inside Nature’s Giants
– Crocodilian Eyes: Astounding Facts About Crocodile Eyes
– Walk Kinematics: Journal of Anatomy
Alligator Locomotion PDF
Journal of Anatomy article

3. Anatomy:

– Growling and Neck/Gullet Ref: Gator’s roar
Looking Down an Alligator’s Throat
– Neck and belly squash and stretch: Alligator on Sand
Alligator Sliding Off Shore

4. Crocodile Movement:
– Eyes: Crocodile Eyelid
– Alligator High Walk: Alligator Walking
Giant Alligator on Golf Course
Alligator on Golf Course
– Alligator Low Walk: Alligator Slithering
– Jumping: Jumping Crocodile
Jumping Crocodiles in Slow Motion
– Alligators Underwater: Alligator in Family Pool
Burt the Crocodile
– Diving with Crocs: 60 Minutes – Nile Crocodile
– Swimming: Swimming American Alligator
Fast Swimming Alligator
– Alligator Climbing a Fence: Alligator Climbs Fence
– 2 Albino Alligators Fighting and Low Walks: Albino Alligators Fighting

5. Attacking Clips:

– Slow Motion Feeding: Slow Motion Feeding
– Bursting out of the water: Bursting Out of the Water
– Fighting: Gator Attacking